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Trinity UMC Community Garden

Our Community Garden is planted each year by church members for the benefit of anyone who needs fresh vegetables.  There is no charge but we ask that everyone take only what they need so others may also benefit from our garden...We welcome help from anyone who wants to participate in our planting, tilling and weeding parties...It's a great time to fellowship and make new friends.

Church member and experienced gardener John Aker and other congregation members keep our garden well cultivated and appealing to area residents who enjoy picking free fresh vegetables.

Our Blessing Box and Little Library

Blessing Box --We ask church and community members to leave non-perishable items in our Blessing Box for those who need temporary replenishment of food items, etc. We ask everyone to take what they need, bring what they can and above all, be blessed... Preferred items include:

Canned food with ring-pulls (Not in freezing weather)

Bottled water (Not in freezing weather)

Non-perishable foods such as: Rice (white or brown), Pasta (preferably in boxes). Cereals, Instant oatmeal packets, Infant formula, dry infant cereal, package protein drinks, dried fruit, nuts, Crackers, Granola bars.

Clothing such as Socks, Mittens, Hand Warmers, Toiletries such as toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, shaving cream and razors.

Little Library - Take a book, leave a book..Children's books are especially welcome.